Our Projects
Water for all

The project consisted of the design and construction of 50 water supply systems in Cuando Cubango Province. This project allowed the access to safe clean water to more than 100.000 people. 

The major challenges of the project were the dispersion of the construction sites all over the province, in some cases 600 km apart from each other, and the general lack of infrastructure in the areas, especially the lack of roads that made the transportation of goods until the construction site extremely challenging. We needed to use special trucks and in average the transit time to site would take 2 to 3 days. In a pickup it was estimated that to drive 100 km it would take 6 hours.  


The project impact- 

 Access to potable water promotes development of local communities, mainly through: 

1. Improvement of the community’s health due to access to sufficient drinking water. 

2. Reduction of diseased due to a better sanitation. 

3. Increase safety since the rivers are full of wild animals (crocodiles and hippopotamus) that attack people when they try to get water from the river. 


The solution-

In these remote areas, our solutions aimed to make the system simple, reliable and robust, allowing a local technician after the operation and maintenance period to be able to manage the system ensuring that the people have access to clean water. 

To reduce maintenance the power sources are fully solar, aligned with the sustainability goals, the control equipment is analog and simple to operate.