Empowering people to help Nations Grow

Mitrelli Group is an international Group of subsidiaries that collaborates with governments and private entities, creating sustainable large-scale infrastructure projects that impact on economic prosperity and quality of life in Africa.






Mutual respect


Growing nations face wide-ranging challenges – in agriculture, education, healthcare and housing; in water and energy resource development, telecommunications and more.

Mitrelli Group’s vision is to take the initiative in creating and developing innovative, cost-effective solutions that improve people’s wellbeing, while respecting and helping to preserve their cultural traditions.

Many Mitrelli initiatives address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening the foundations for human and national growth and prosperity.


Our Approach

With a thorough understanding of the communities we serve, and their cultures, Mitrelli Group subsidiaries create solutions of consistently high quality that address real needs, providing innovative financing solutions when required. By adapting project design to local conditions and training local personnel, we assure sustainability. This is how we bring ideas to life

Our Values

We understand that trust must be earned. We interact with our customers in a spirit of partnership and mutual respect, learning from one another, understanding our differences, pooling our creative energies and striving for excellence.

Driven by its values, the subsidiaries of Mitrelli Group work together in a spirit of solidarity, sharing their expertise to face complex, multidisciplinary challenges, and emphasize the ongoing reliability of every solution.

Our singular objective: to impact the way people live – and how they shape their future.