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The Moxico New Centrality Infrastructure Project located in Luena, Province of Moxico, was aimed at providing a drinking water supply system and a wastewater treatment plant to the local population. The project’s first phase already supplies treated water to over 3000 residents of Nova Centralidade, several schools, and a health center, with plans to serve over 7000 people in the near future. The wastewater treatment plant follows a comprehensive solution that includes pretreatment, preliminary treatment, biological treatment, and sludge stabilization and dehydration. The treated effluent is released into the nearby river, complying with all environmental standards.


The project faced several challenges, including a short deadline for completion, which required good construction practices and the best solutions. Procurement was also a significant challenge, with over 95% of the materials and equipment sourced from abroad, complying with the highest European standards. The COVID-19 crisis and travel restrictions further complicated the procurement process. Extreme weather conditions, particularly heavy rains in December 2021, also posed challenges and contributed to some delays and unpredicted costs.


To address the challenge of a short deadline, the project team employed efficient construction practices and looked for innovative solutions to streamline the construction process. To mitigate the procurement challenge, the project team worked closely with suppliers complying with the highest European requirements and standards. They also collaborated with local suppliers such as the existent Water Treatment Plant (WTP) of the state water company EPAS of Moxico to source already treated water which reduced cost. Finally, the team mitigated the impact of extreme weather conditions, by adjusting the construction schedule to avoid the worst weather conditions. They also took into account the possibility of additional costs and delays due to weather when planning the project.


The population served by this project is pleased with the quality and reliability of the distributed drinking water, resulting in a decrease in disease situations caused by the lack of high-quality potable water. The locals also noted that the continuous water supply system in their homes conferred comfort that they had not felt until the project was implemented. The wastewater treatment plant ensures that wastewater produced by residents is treated and released into the nearby river, complying with all environmental standards. This project has positively impacted the lives of the local population by providing them with access to safe drinking water and treating wastewater, leading to a healthier and more sustainable living environment.

Luena project