Our Projects

The Moxico New Centrality Infrastructure Project, located in Luena, has a Drinking Water Supply System that guarantees, in this first phase, the supply to more than 3000 people, residents in Nova Centralidade, several schools and a Health Center. The System is prepared to serve more than 7000 people in the near future, after the housing construction of the second phase.  

Once stored, the water is again disinfected by a Chlorination Post and distributed to New Centrality by a Distribution Line over 900 m long, designed to fill the houses, commerce, schools, daycare centers and hospital. 

The project also includes a Wastewater Treatment System, with a view to treating the waste water produced in The New Centrality, reputing with the most innovative treatment and automatism technologies.

During the construction phase, relations with government entities were very professional, productive and essential for the progress of the work, namely the close contact with Mr. Vice Governor for the Technical Area.  

Next to the construction area there was some habitational occupation, provisional, and some agricultural areas. Call for local government to support the negotiations with locals and all situations without exception have been resolved. 




1 – Challenges: 

One of the biggest challenges of the project was the short deadline set for its completion and delivery, always respecting good construction practices and looking for the best solutions.  

Procurement was another major challenge, considering that more than 95% of the materials and equipment came from abroad, complying with the highest European requirements and standards.  

Extreme weather conditions, notably the heavy rains of December 2021, were another major obstacle, which contributed to some delays and over costs.     

2 – Positive Impact on the population:  

The population served by the project is pleased by the quality and confidence of distributed drinking water, resulting in a decrease in disease situations caused by the lack of potable water. The locals also pointed out that the continuous water supply system in their homes conferred a comfort that they had not yet felt until the project was being done.  

3 – Solutions: 

The solution of implement a gravitational WWTP – Wastewater Treatment Plant, with the most innovative treatment and automatism technologies and based on a biological treatment system, activated slum, with new generation percolator biological filters and nitrification was an amazing idea and with full environment and energetic responsibilities, reducing the wate water treatment costs.