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Caxito Project

The Caxito Project is aimed at providing the local population with continuous access to drinking water of internationally recommended quality. It involves the construction and maintenance of infrastructure for the optimal catchment, treatment, and distribution of drinking water to the community.


The project faced some challenges during its execution, including delays in starting the project, working in an area that had not been de-mined, and language barriers with one of the subcontractors.


The project mitigated the challenge posed by delay in kick-off time by putting in extra effort to achieve project goals. The team also discovered that an area of the land for the project was not de-mined and tackled this by contacting the appropriate authorities to ensure that the area is safely cleared before continuing work. Finally, the team engaged translators to ensure effective communication with all foreign contractors.


The Caxito Project will have a significant positive impact on the local population, as it will generate impacts on various socioeconomic indicators such as income, public health, education, employment, public services, and urban planning. The continuous supply of drinking water will solve the basic sanitation problems that the community has been facing, including diseases such as diarrhea, worms, hepatitis A, leptospirosis, schistosomiasis, malaria, and dengue. Having infrastructure such as this in the province is already a significant gain for the community.