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Dams Construction – Project Director

Angola, Luanda · Expat employment

About The Position



· Conduct analysis to determine the viability of dam projects.

· Evaluate the environmental, geological, and hydrological conditions of potential dam sites.

· Assess the economic and social impacts of dam construction.

Design and Engineering:

· Participate in the process for dam designs, including structural and hydraulic components.

· Ensure that designs meet regulatory and safety standards.

· Address geological and geotechnical challenges.

· Oversee the preparation of construction plans and specifications.

Regulatory Compliance:

· Navigate and comply with local standards, regulations and permitting processes.

· Work with regulatory agencies to obtain necessary permits and approvals.

Risk Assessment and Safety:

· Conduct risk assessments to identify potential hazards and vulnerabilities.

· Develop and implement safety measures and emergency response plans.

· Ensure that dams meet safety standards and guidelines.

Construction Management:

· Supervise dam construction activities.

· Monitor progress, quality, and budget compliance.

· Resolve construction-related issues and challenges.

Cost Estimation and Budgeting:

· Prepare cost estimates and budgets for dam projects.

· Monitor project costs and financial performance.

Quality Control and Assurance:

· Implement quality control measures to ensure the integrity of the dam structure.

· Conduct inspections and testing to verify construction quality.

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment:

· Evaluate and mitigate the environmental and social impacts of dam projects.

· Develop and oversee environmental management plans.

 Hydrology and Hydraulics:

· Analyze and model hydraulic conditions.

· Design spillways, outlets, and other hydraulic structures.

Operations and Maintenance:

· Develop dam operation and maintenance plans.

· Ensure routine inspections and maintenance activities are carried out.

· Provide training to dam operators and maintenance staff.

Emergency Response and Crisis Management:

· Develop emergency response plans and procedures.

· Coordinate crisis management in case of dam failures or emergencies.

 Consulting and Client Relations:

· Provide expert advice to clients and stakeholders.

· Communicate effectively with project teams, government agencies, and other external stakeholders.

Legal and Risk Management:

· Provide legal support related to dam construction and operation.

· Manage and mitigate risks associated with dam projects.

 Public Engagement and Stakeholder Communication:

· Engage with local communities and stakeholders to address concerns and gather input.

· Communicate project progress and updates transparently.




· Recognized qualifications within a relevant field: Bsc or Msc Degree in Construction Management, Engineering, or a related field (Process Manager / Project Manager).

· Minimum 15 years of experience in big and complex water dam projects, of which at least five years as a Project Director/Project Manager for both the Consultant and Contractors’ international company.

· Advanced knowledge in construction management processes, means and methods of water dams for irrigation and livestock drinking is an advantage.

· Prove knowledge in Dams construction, inspection, and consultation. Advantage with RCC method and or concrete Dams.

· Superior contract management competence and ability to liaise with all project stakeholders, including Owners, Subcontractors, Consulting Engineers, and Financiers etc.

· Understanding all facets of the construction processes from design of a broad range of dam types, including embankment and concrete dams.

· Highly motivated and extremely committed Deep understanding of legal and industry standards.

· Experience working in multicultural companies.

· Leadership and human resources management skills.

· Using specialized construction management software packages.


Portuguese and English are a must.

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Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola


Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola


Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola


Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola


Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola


Legal entity: Mitrelli Projects, Lda Angola