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Chibodo ii, in cabinda province, angola, will allow 20,000 residents to access safe water and sanitation

The southern province of angola suffered from a prolonged drought that impacted 80 percent of the population, including animals, and a global disaster was declared in the area back in 2019. The water project engineers contended two main challenges.

Chibodo II, in Cabinda province, northern Angola, will be populated with 20,000 residents that will enjoy access to safe #water and sanitation.

The external infrastructure project executed by Owini, includes a water supply system and #wastewater treatment system, with a duration of 14 months to complete work. 
Water is supplied from a pumping station with a hydropneumatic reservoir and the installation of an electromagnetic flowmeter. The water is carried through a 4.2 Km adductor pipeline supplying a new Reservoir with a 3,000m³ capacity, and from there, through a gravitic distribution pipeline with 650m, is delivered to the Centrality of Chibodo II.
The wastewater treatment system contains drainage and treatment of the wastewater with a reuse system for residuals. The system begins with sewage collected and delivered in the “inlet chamber” where its sieved and non-organic materials are sorted, and all waste materials are directed to the Imhoff tank, a primary decanter, where fat and scums are sorted to a dry bed. The rest of the wastes are transported by gravity to a trickling bed which is a biological filter. 
After this treatment, the rest of the wastes are transported to the secondary decanter, where all wastes are treated and clean water is sent back to nature.

All residual gets pumped back to a residual treatment system, which includes organs such as sludge gravity thickener and aerobic digestor and lays all on a sludge drying bed and can be used as natural fertilizers. 
One of the project’s impacts is creating around 300 new job opportunities for the local population.
Owini’s team began the project committed to delivering quality services to meet the needs of our customers; now, with these achievements, the centrality already benefits from access to reliable water infrastructure.

Stay tuned for more updates about upcoming 2023 projects

Rafael Menni Novaes
Ngoy Fonseca Kabula
Jonh Silva
Adilson Joaquim

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